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Artist Spotlight: Illuvia of Eternell

Ludvig Cimbrelius, aka Illuvia, just released a new single on Mettasonic, and it is definitely a fresh record! So we hit him up for an interview. Dive in below for some thoughts from the man with a catalog deeper than the Mariana trench…      You’ve made quite a lot of music. Please tell us about that. Music has always been the center of my life, and there is a continuous flow of inspiration that just seems to grow. It often takes me years to finish things, and I realized early on that the way to let go of...

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Welcome to the new Fresh website

This is the new hub for all my musical adventures, thoughts, interviews, events, musings, etc. Eventually I’ll be publishing articles, reviews, lists, etc. Fresh is also the parent label of: Mettasonic Recordings Muzikboxxx...

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Shenzhen Spotlight: Black Dragon of VaChina

It should be clear to anyone in Shenzhen that Adrian Blackstock aka Black Dragon aka VaChina is one of the most talented and hustling musical artists in the city, if not the most. So when he dropped his latest album ‘VaChina II” on Valentine’s day recently – we were all ears. After digesting that, we hit him up with a few questions… Sup Dragon. How is life and how are you doing upon the release of your 2nd solo album?  I’m so thankful to get a chance to play the music that I love and release what’s been inside...

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Shenzhen Spotlight: DJ Nimbus of New Zealand

Nimbus has been a long time collaborator, sound wizard, and elder statesmen for many crews in Shenzhen ever since his arrival in 2010. Here’s an interview we did with him in 2012, updated for 2017… — Tell us a bit about yourself… When I’m not being Mr Cool behind the decks I’m a bit of tech nerd haha! My work is also my hobby.. I’m either fixing something, building something or designing something. I have worked with a few audio and DJ gear companies her in China over the last two years, helping to fine tune some great new...

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Pep Love – The Rigmarole Interview

Pep Love is one of the most respected rappers in hip hop (as well as a personal favorite). Hailing from Oakland California, he made a big impact on the underground circuit as a member of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew, and especially with his solo album Ascension which I found incredibly inspiring. Now with his new album Rigmarole just released (listen/buy here), he is back in the spotlight. It’s a solid effort of dope beats and especially rhymes that you can expect from Pep (review coming soon). We had a chance to interview him about the new album, among other...

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